Episode 23

Published on:

16th Aug, 2020

Future Digital Banking Systems

Episode 22

Published on:

30th Jul, 2020

A Cashless Society

Episode 21

Published on:

25th Jun, 2020

Real Estate- Security Tokens

Episode 20

Published on:

2nd Jun, 2020

When Hyperinflation Happens

Episode 19

Published on:

23rd May, 2020

Centralized and Decentralized: Two Types of Money and Technology

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About the Podcast

Discover The Future of Money
The Innovative Economy-Discover the Future of Money
Discover the Future of Money and How to Thrive in the Innovative Economy

In this changing economy, I want you to live a richer life with financial education, and an understanding of where we are going with Digital Currencies and Blockchain Technology. Thats right, community money, Bitcoin. As we see the money bubble burst, you won't want to miss this podcast.

I share tips and tricks on how to thrive in a downturn economy and I also interview experts in the space who tell us about their business applications using blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies.

Blockchain Technology recognizes the individual in transacting, where the internet does not. Blockchain decentralizes the internet and can offer built in contracts for sender and receiver, used for businesses who want dependable, immutable, verifiable, logged transactions.

Digital Currencies run on the Blockchain and establish their store of value based on usage of that blockchain, market and future value.

Congratulations for making the decision to use community money!
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Lori Souza, MBA, BSIT Educator/Economics/Real Estate/Technology/Cryptocurrency
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Lori Souza

Lori Souza, discusses digital currencies, blockchain business applications, mind-set and the future of money. Interviewing leaders in space, Lori has master crafted this series in order to build a bridge from the business world to the new emerging technologies of blockchain, better understanding the future of money. We're going digital! Putting money on the blockchain!